Two men guilty of £1million cash in transit robbery plot

Two men guilty of £1million cash in transit robbery plot

Two men were found guilty of a £1 million cash in transit robbery plot.

The pair were found guilty following careful investigative work by the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad.

During the course of the investigation, police became suspicious of a certain suspect after noticing odd patterns on their purported timeline. It wasn’t until the alleged victim came forward with an account that police were able to crack the case.

The reason they determined that the crime was carried out by someone with privileged information is because they needed to use company-owned devices and access files with restricted data. T“The police found it took more than TWO years of preparation and had involved burner phones and ‘mission cars’ in order to remove any link between the culprits and the robbery.”

On 30 December 2021, Andrew Measor, a cash in transit driver for a company called Transparstions, left his home address for work.

As he was leaving, a CCTV camera captured him getting accosted outside his home by an armed man wearing a full face mask. Measor reported to the police that he had been threatened with harm to his family while they slept if he did not comply with the gang’s instructions. He said he was provided with a disposable phone and told to drive to his depot and collect his money for the day. He did so and later that morning left the depot with £920,000 in bank notes and £14,660 in coins in his van.

Shortly after beginning his shift, Measor was seen on CCTV as he pulled over and put the bags of money into large laundry bags (given to him by the man on his doorstep). At 6:30am, he drove to the dirt track road off Friary Lane in Woodford. As part of his job, Measor was equipped with a body-worn camera and personal attack alarm. The van he was driving had multiple security features and he could be seen on CCTV to be communicating using the disposables phone to maintain the illusion that he was under duress

One of the clearest aspects of this story is how those who pulled off the bank heist have not yet been caught. The police are currently hunting for these three men, and anyone with any leads should call them.

Measor drove to the Oak Lane diner, parking the vehicle beside a column in front. He called his employer and told them he’d been robbed, explaining that he had to use his nose to dial the number.

Police arrived shortly after and launched an investigation. Soon into their enquiries they became suspicious about the nature of the robbery. It was obvious from his account that those involved knew about the specific security procedures and must, therefore, have obtained information from someone inside the company.

After Measor was signed off sick from work on the pretense that he had PTSD and claimed he was traumatized in order to escape judgment for the robbery, police found texts which showed that his friend thought it was unlikely and suggested Measor feigned PTSD for financial compensation.

The findings revealed a timeline of events that spanned hours before and after the alleged staged robbery.

Detectives were able to find out that during the robbery, Measor was actually play-acting. He lied about being a victim in order to maintain his cover up.

Two criminals are apprehended. Research is being done on Measor and a man called Stefanos Cantaris to establish connection and determine their involvement in the crime.

The suspects met each other numerous times before the day of the theft – at locations they later returned to on the day of the robbery.They used burner style phones to use that day to avoid linking them to each other. All burner phones were destroyed in the hours following the robbery and never recovered by police.

Several false number plates were used on at least four different cars, which they swapped into, with the cash in order to distance themselves from the scene of the crime. Some of these vehicles had multiple sets of cloned plates that were interchangeably swapped. Enquiries revealed that all vehicles used in the offence were destroyed during the hours following the theft.

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