Five teenage robbers are caught after hours of hard work by the detectives.

Five teenage robbers are caught after hours of hard work by the detectives.

Several teens suspected of committing a robbery in Camden were arrested by the VCTF unit yesterday afternoon after they were tracked through fast-time enquiries.

This incident happens at approximately 21:00hrs on Tuesday, February 14th (yesterday) in the area of Bedford Avenue, near Tottenham Court Road.

The victim, a male in his teens, was walking down the road when he was approached by a man asking him to hand over his coat and wallet. As the victim turned around in an attempt to go in a different direction, he noticed he was surrounded by a number of other men behind him.

According to the evidence from this case, a group of males stepped out of the shadows and assaulted a passerby who was staying still after being bundled to the ground. Because some minor injuries were also caused, it is estimated that around $400 worth of property was stolen.

Officers from the Violent Crime Taskforce (VCTF) team were on patrol in the Tottenham Court Road area when they saw a robbery occurring and were able to respond quickly to stop it.

Proactive fast-time enquiries suggest that a group of five males, all matching the description of suspects involved in the robbery, are in Waltham Forest on Church Road near Park Road.

About an hour after the robbery originally took place, officers tracked down the group of five males and conducted a search. The stolen mobile phone, that belongs to the victim, was found on one of the suspects.

All five males – aged between 17 and 18 – were arrested on suspicion of robbery and remain in custody. Enquiries continue.

Detective Sergeant Ross Smith, from the Violent Crime Taskforce, said:

“It is important that victims and witnesses contact the police as soon as a robbery has occurred. The first hour after a robbery or the ‘golden hour’ period is critical to helping us catch suspects and taking violent offenders off the streets.”

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